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I'm yet another internet duck and i make music for games and all sorts of projects so you know if you need semi-decent music hit me up


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Posted by TheDoubleOne - 3 weeks ago

Hey wouldn't it be funny if i promised more activity and song and then disappeared of the internet for 2 months? No?

We'll I mean, despite the fact that I kinda just died for a while I have been getting stuff done I promise! If i'm being honest with myself here I got a bit lazy with music after the last post but i don't want that to happen again so as of about 2 weeks ago (2 weeks after this life log should've come out) I began working harder on my music and working on improving my production and i can't say that i'll be making any better music because, improving takes a long time, but hopefully any of you who like my music will stick around for when it get's better. Well anyways here's the update i'll try to keep to my monthly promise for these so you guys know what's going on next time but, uh i'll end these and hope that all of you are having a chill day!

Posted by TheDoubleOne - July 11th, 2019

I'm starting a small life log today to keep any of you people who care about my music up to date on what's happening with my content and a bit of what i've been doing.

First off i'd like to apologize for the lack of uploads recently i wasn't able to work on anything at this time however i have begun working on uploading all my songs from here to soundcloud and in the future i plan on uploading some visualizers to youtube music will still becoming soon probably after next week i'll begin working on improving my music production again.

There isn't much life in this life log however i don't have anything "life" related to talk about rn so i guess stay tuned for later logs i'll prolly post another log at the end of this month and try to do one monthly from then on, anyways imma end this one here.