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Entry #2

Disk Shyfter 2017

2017-12-11 11:22:20 by TheDoubleOne

Have You dear reader ever wanted some free Crypt Shyfter themed items? Well then let me tell you my friend about Disk Shyfter. Disk Shyfter is a Fan creation competition made by me and the KungFuSpaceBarbarian in this competition the top five entries will receive a Crypt Shyfter item as in a themed CD, containing music for the next couple of games. In addition to that if your entry is one of the top 2 you will receive a special mystery item (trust me it will be good). Now that I've gotten you psyched to earn some Crypt Shyfter loot you may be wondering "but how do i get these items?" well were just getting into that now. In order to compete you must make a song, game, story, art piece, animation, or heromachine character and put in the tag section Disk Shyfter (unless you made a story or heromachine character then you'll send it to me or one of the other judges) all entries must be in before or by the 21st of February. Oh, i almost forgot rules, ok so the rules are your creation must be in by February 21st (i just said that if you weren't paying attention), all work must be your own, and that's it! And so, with that i bid you farewell dear reader.  




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2017-12-11 11:36:34

I might make a game in bitsy just for fun. Not to compete for a prize but just because I wanna try something new and join in the fun :D

TheDoubleOne responds:

Sounds Good!


2017-12-15 07:40:59

Can't wait. I might throw out a submission or two just for funsies :D

TheDoubleOne responds:

Go For it


2018-01-03 20:09:58

Oh I'm getting excited to see this comp in action! Whats the cut-off time on feb 21st?

TheDoubleOne responds:

February 21st midnight EST U.S. is the exact cutoff time